Manitowoc Ice Dispenser SPA160

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Designed for ice bucket filling in hotels, motels, and resorts. SPA160 accepts 22″ wide Manitowoc ice machines and has a 120 lbs capacity. Efficient built-in agitator assures 100% dispensing.-

These automatic-fill, floor-standing ice dispensers meet the strict sanitary needs of the lodging, foodservice, and healthcare industries. The high-volume dispensers feature a patented “push for ice” dispense mechanism and paddlewheel ice delivery technology. Attractively styled to complement any decor.

Since the company’s beginnings in 1964, Manitowoc has been a leader in supplying appliances like ice maker machines and dispensers to the hospitality industry. Today, Manitowoc is America’s #1 selling commercial ice machine. Let MDM Commercial help you select the best Manitowoc ice maker machines and dispensers to satisfy your needs.