TV Programming-Custom Startup Page- Uses any picture of your choice- Choose what channel TV starts on-

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We understand that purchasing a centrally controlled TV server like LG's Pro:Centric or Samsung's Reach can be expensive, sometimes making it cost prohibitive to some smaller facilities. CSS now offers a "Basic TV Programming Package" that customizes the startup page and turns the TV on to a specified channel. We can place any picture or graphic of your choice to display when turning the TV on instead of the "LG" or "Samsung" logo. You can have it start to any channel of your choice.

Other features include: up to 100 Channels (mapping), all parameters, On Volume, Max Volume, Off-Timer, ETC. 

Please contact us with any questions or click "Add To Quote" and include a brief description of what you would like displayed. 

Here is an example of programming done by CSS: