CE Labs MP800 Ultra HD 4K Digital Media Player

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CE labs® MP800 Ultra HD digital signage player is an ultra-reliable, fan-less, solid-state, low power consumption commercial 4K appliance that supports all of the new technology standards of the 4K ecosystem for true 4K playback.

A Powerful HTML5 Layout Tool for Digital Menu Boards and Signs

Digital menu boards and signs need to be easily updated while delivering an aesthetically pleasing message to viewers. CE labs has developed a powerful toolset that allows users to easily layout a menu board, both in landscape and portrait mode, through the use of QuickSign Pro Designer – FREE!

The challenges that come with creating classy and sophisticated digital menu boards are now no longer with CE labs’ QuickSign Pro Designer; an easy yet powerful layout toolset that gives you complete control of your messaging and how it is displayed.

10 built-in features allow you to assign functions to zones without any HTML coding or development. Simply drag and drop your desired zone into your 1920×1080 composition and adjust your settings within the fields for a custom digital menu board.

Here are some examples of the QuickSign Pro Designer in use: 


Senior Living: 

For larger images: