32LU340L LG 32" Long Term Care LED HDTV

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  • Big Font(Volume, Channel)
  • Virtual Clock
  • Muilti-IR
  • Public Display Mode(Min/Max Volume Setting)
  • Welcome Video/Screen
  • USB Cloning

Long Term Care Dedicated Features: 

Big Font (volume, channel)

• Easy to find out channel/volume menu
• Easy to recognize channel/volume enlarging UI/Font Size

Multi-IR to pair one TV with one remote

• Use each remote controller without interference via Multi IR in a hospital room
- Set and Map between TV and Simple Remote Controller
- Available to set 0~9 beds

Virtual Clock

• Clock Display
- Provide SW Clock in order for seniors to check out time frequently
ex. Meal Time, Medicine Time etc.

Simple Remote Controller

• Provide Power / Channel / Volume Keys used heavily
- Enlarge a button size and font size

Public Display Mode (Min/Max volume setting)

To avoid unexpected volume change in public space, manager may able to Control Max/Min volume of TV.