PDI P14W 14" Medical Grade Arm Mounted Pro:Idiom HealthCare TV

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Discover a personal entertainment experience designed for the patient’s comfort.

The Persona P14W arm-mounted reduces neck, back and eye strain by providing an adjustable arm-mounted TV to your patients without sacrificing a high quality viewing experience. The Persona P14W display is equipped with MPEG4 and Pro:Idiom giving access to more HD channels with DirectTV or Satellite programming. It’s simple backlit touch keypad easily controls volume, channels and settings.

Superior Viewing Experience

A 14” display mounted in close proximity to the viewer is equal with a 90” TV screen across the room.

Clean Looking and Safe to Touch

The P14 is designed for infection control. The full glass front and antimicrobial plastics help limit HACs and is durable for rigorous cleaning.

Fast, Easy TV Cloning

Just place the USB drive in the set and you’re done.

Available to purchase TV only, or bundle with the arm and power supply.

Colors: Cream, Black, & Grey